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Witness Luxury
the Mountains

Our boutique rooms are nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Manali town, wherein you'll find the peace you've been seeking forever now. An abode crafted by two mountain lovers with the goal of providing luxury and comfort in the Himalayas so that the true healing powers of Mother Nature can act upon anyone and everyone who shelters in this abode. Because we know you're coming to unwind! Perched atop a height of 2600+ meters, White Musk Resort is the perfect location for a surreal view of the Manali-Kullu valley and Dhauladhar mountain ranges.

Infinity Room

Our Infinity Rooms have floor-to-ceiling glass for an unobstructed view. What better feeling than waking up and seeing snow-clad mountains in Winters and lush green landscapes in the Summers right from your bed? If you're an opacarophile, you'll not stop admiring the sunset hues from our rooms. At night, as Manali town glimmers with lights and you dine with your special someone, you'll gather beautiful memories.

Dome with hot tub

Our Geodesic dome is perfect for a unique glamping experience in the woods. Natural stone-clad bathrooms, bohemian accents, and a cozy private area. The jacuzzi (Water element) will soak your troubles while you admire the hues in the Sky, and the mountains as a form of the Earth. What's next? The private bonFire will purify your mind while the Breeze cleanses you further.

During the day, you can simply bask in the Sun cozying up in the private loft net.

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