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Terms and Conditions

We(White Musk Resort M/S Himalayasya) consider that you accept our terms and conditions by default if you have made a reservation with us, or are visiting us.

1. The tariffs mentioned are per room per night for 2 guests. We charge extra for the third guest. If you haven't specified the number of guests visiting, we assume 2 guests. We have the right to charge extra for the third guest. We do not allow over 3 guests per room.

2. We strongly don't recommend kids under 5 or the elderly visiting our property throughout the year.
We also advise against bringing kids aged 5+ to our location. White Musk is built in mountainous terrain, keeping in mind the aesthetics while avoiding railings wherever unnecessary for adults. So basically, we're not kid-friendly. Moreover, we're at an offbeat location, away from healthcare facilities in case any emergency arises.
However, if you bring a child along, you assume complete responsibility and risk for the child, and we shall not be liable for any injury or harm caused due to lack of adult supervision. Moreover, when you book for senior citizens, you assume full responsibility and will not be liable for a refund.

3. Some of our rooms have glass walls. We do not have railings in place everywhere, and we have loft nets installed for relaxing and picturesque purposes. Access to these areas followed by alcohol consumption is banned. Anybody found doing so understands the risk involved and assumes full liability for their actions. White Musk Resort/Himalayasya will not be liable for any harm or injury or damage caused thereby. If a representative of White Musk Resort/Himalayasya finds such an occurrence of ill actions after alcohol consumption or due to reckless behavior, he/she reserves the right to disallow the guest, and/or ask the guest to leave the premises and/or cancel the subsequent stay without a refund.

4. We reserve the right to cancel a booking based on inevitable circumstances, for which the guest will be refunded in full.

5. In case our property is completely inaccessible due to road conditions, we will offer you to reserve for a later date within a year of your reservation date.

6. No loud music is allowed after 11 pm causing disturbance to other guests or to the neighboring properties/village.

7. Kindly turn off gas heaters before retiring to bed for safety. We will not be liable for any consequences due to not turning the heaters off. You can sleep by turning on the electric blankets provided, and be comfortably warm throughout the night.

8. Please save electricity, which is scarce owing to the offbeat nature of the location.

9. Guests will be liable to pay any expenditures relevant if anything is found to be damaged or missing from the room. For outdoor or common assets, the guest found to have damaged the asset will be liable to reimburse for the same.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

We offer a full refund for cancellations done before 14 days of your check-in date. 

Common amenities accessible for Infinity room and King room occupants include garden areas with seating, dining, and a bonfire place with loft net. Room amenities include whatever is shown in the photographs and electric heating blankets.

Our huge(325+ sqft) INFINITY rooms have unobstructed ceiling-to-floor glass so you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Kullu-Manali valley and Dhauladhar mountain ranges.
What's more? You can enjoy this view from the comfort of your bed with your partner.

Our King room(225+ sqft) has 2 glasses of 8'x8', with enjoyable views from the bed and the seating area.

Our Geodesic Dome(310+ sqft) has a private area. It consists of a bonfire area, a hot tub wherein you can unwind, and a loft net by the valley.

Our cancellation and refund policy is subject to change. The cancellation and refund policy on your date of booking will be applicable for your booking. We request you send us an email as a reply to a confirmation email sent by us to request a cancellation in addition to communication over a call for a change of plans.

Our terms and policies are subject to change without prior notice.

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