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White Musk Resort

White Musk Resort is a fruit of our love for the Himalayas with a passion for building an abode for all humans looking for a break amidst nature.

We’re perched atop a hill near Manali at 2600+ meters, and you can see the town into the valley. Luxurious rooms and the shades of sunsets from your bed won’t make you want to go back home! P.S. Ours is a romantic resort. Come all geared up.

We’re open all year round, and the mountains offer a unique experience every day of the year. In Winter, it gets really cold (upto -15 degree C at night), but if you want to see snow, the scenery might be all white, depending on when you visit, with most snowfall happening in January and February. Spring usually begins in April, and you’ll start to see green landscapes and flowers blooming. Summer in May brings warm temperatures and sunny days, great for exploring and soaking up the sun in the mornings and evenings. In July when the Monsoon season arrives, expect clouds, rain, and colorful sunrises and sunsets on partly cloudy days. Every day here is unique and unforgettable.
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If you visit us in low-season, which ranges between end of April to mid-June and end of October to mid-December, you will find a small sleepy village with about 5’000 locals, surrounded by a quiet beautiful nature, where the bells of the blacknose sheep on the meadows around the village are the only perceivable noise.

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